Mind, Body & Soul Silkscreen Poster

Chad Fischer

At first glance this piece of work may not scream “Indochina” to most viewers. This is totally understandable as this poster represents something more than an aesthetic presentation of the Indochina concept. This poster is the fruition of what Indochina has come to mean for me: POTENTIAL & POSSIBILITY. Since moving here in November of 2012, I have come to realize how much potential this area of the world has (artistic, business, etc), especially Vietnam. I came from LA, and as much of a creative hotbed as that place is, I feel that in the Indochina region, I can manifest ideas with more ease. Things move fast here and I never would have thought I would be able to help organize shows that bring world-recognized talent to an audience who is eager to soak up culture from abroad.

This poster, from concept to completion, has been a product of living in Vietnam and actualizing the possibilities that one of the most exciting cities in Southeast Asia has to offer. The event I helped organize here spurred me to create a unique, handmade product that has a limited run of prints which I screened myself. This was all possible thanks to local friends in Saigon eager to help me manifest my ideas.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam