Seeds of Saffron.

Amanda Bloom

I had just moved from Sydney to Cambodia and was intoxicated by the beauty and mystery of this incredible country. I met Professor Kinski and when I heard this backing track he had made I grabbed the microphone and improved a melody..filling it later with nuances of a land that has taught me so much in the last 2 years.

“I know a place
Where emerald shades chaos
And time, time,
Time-tested temples
Breathe and Bathe the city in light

And the colours bleed
And the colours bleed
And the colours bleed
Into Saffron

I know a place
Where memories of Angkor
Fracture and shatter
This new Past
And the memories bleed
The memoried bleed
Into Saffron


Seeds of Saffron..

Phnom Penh, Cambodia