Ta Keo

Ta Keo

Willy Wah

A sad morning

I don’t know how the water flow

都是你 都是你
its because of you, because of you

Open your hand, behind you

你的脸 你的脸
Your face, your face

风追赶着 你停息了
wind chasing, but you have stopped

云 静止在 我们纠结的地平线
cloud stop moving, we struggle at the horizon

flower drop from the tree

just like the white snow covered the land

你伸出手臂 让疲倦的鸟飞下来歇息
you raise your hand, let the birds rest

a sad morning still waiting

my shadow also sitting, accompany me silently

As we know the ta koe temple is an unfinished temple due to the strike of thunder, if you are the ta keo, how will you feel? Looking on the water flow, wind chasing, cloud moving, the birds rest on the top of the temple, maybe the temple itself might wish it can be finished one day? it keep on waiting, but sadly it will be remain unfinished forever… that’s why the last phrase, shadow accompanying the temple silently…

Song Demo: http://monitor1010.johnong.com/demo1.mp3

Penang, Malaysia