The Ta Phrom

The Ta Phrom

Willy Wah

同样的天空  the similar sky夜空里 要小心的
In the night, gotto be careful

千万年 那是真的
thousand years, it is real,

记忆里 旋转的
memory keep turning

生命里 我们一起
In this life, we stay together

if you are walking in the night in ta phrom, you gotto be careful, because it is full of dangerous. But yet, the monument has been exist in thousand years before and even now. Although the people has disappear, but the memory and history is eulogized forever.

如何如何也只是歌谣 依稀歌颂你
No matter how, it is only song which can praise you

No matter how many times we walk, we are unable to find back our footprint

Disappearing wind calling you who disappear long time ago

just like the silent sky and the lonely land.

The people has disappeared, we tried to call them back, but what they left for us was the great history of them. There are only songs or poem which can praise the great achievement of the King.

Penang, Malaysia